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A community for ALL students of Japanese who want to keep studying at their own pace with Onikyoushi as fellow student/administrator/facilitator.
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 Quotes from Starr Sensei

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PostSubject: Quotes from Starr Sensei   Quotes from Starr Sensei EmptyMon Jul 02, 2018 1:41 pm

Lindsey Kaler used to collect these for me back when I was an online teacher and she was the only student who actually read anything I posted.  I've attached the list that she put together.  Some of them are not so easy to understand out of context.

Below are newer ones -- just stuff I've thought and considered pithy and witty enough to write down because I might want to recall it someday.
"Hold yourself to a higher standard.  That way, when you falter, you might only be slipping down to what most people consider ‘normal’.”

“Who wants to be perfect?  Nobody’s perfect.  And you’re not Nobody.”

“I had a great year this year.  Only told one student to jump out a window, and I didn’t throw any.”
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Quotes from Starr Sensei
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