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A community for ALL students of Japanese who want to keep studying at their own pace with Onikyoushi as fellow student/administrator/facilitator.
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 Multiple Choice Vocab-Grammer Building Assignment

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Multiple Choice Vocab-Grammer Building Assignment Empty
PostSubject: Multiple Choice Vocab-Grammer Building Assignment   Multiple Choice Vocab-Grammer Building Assignment EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 11:51 pm

This is what I would call a Logic Quiz.  You are given a sentence and must select the one response (out of four) that logically coincides.

The answer may be: (A) a response to the first part, (B) a resulting consequence of the first part, (C) or a restating of the original statement in different words.

This is N4~N5 level work, appropriate for a third-year or higher, but a bright second-year could do -- or at least a lot of it -- with the use of some online resources.

Attempt to surmise meaning through context and apply a little deductive reasoning to help you eliminate potential answers.  Look up any words that you are not certain of.

Turn in your work and I'll send you the answers privately.  Feedback is greatly appreciated: Which problems were more challenging?, What threw you off the first time?, etc.

Of course, it is also worth PT points.  It's a long assignment -- 65 problems total.  I will make it worth 50 points per page.  Talk about a major advancement opportunity!  You could quickly be well on your way to becoming a Pop-Tart King!

Link to assignment:  TBB Packet
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Multiple Choice Vocab-Grammer Building Assignment
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