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A community for ALL students of Japanese who want to keep studying at their own pace with Onikyoushi as fellow student/administrator/facilitator.
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 Challenge from Sensei (1)

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Challenge from Sensei (1) Empty
PostSubject: Challenge from Sensei (1)   Challenge from Sensei (1) EmptyFri Jul 15, 2016 2:56 am

A Challenge from Sensei  (difficulty = medium-high)

(w/Kanji)     行かない 訳には いかないん じゃない?

(w/o Kanji)  いかない  わけ  には  いかないん  じゃない?

1. What is being asked in the above sentence?
    (Hint: How many negatives are there?)

2. Which would be the most appropriate response?

    (a) もちろん 行かない よ。

    (b) あ、行けない よ

    (c) あ、行く よ。
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Challenge from Sensei (1)
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